Jinzhou Hivron Auto Electronics Co .,Ltd. was founded in December 2004. Registered capital us $2 million (Hong Kong company capital injection).At the beginning of its establishment, the company focused on the development, production and sales of auto parts, new energy control systems and other products. In 2012,we began to independently develop PM2.5 sensors and air quality detection and purification products. From 2013, it has been comprehensively transferred to the
Product Center
Dust Sensor
The company has the core application technology of dust sensor. According to the principle of collecting measured gas, it is divided into infrared dust sensor and laser dust sensor. The sensor product range covers automotive, industrial and civil products. In addition, the vehicle PM2.5 sensor assembly communicates with the vehicle system through Lin mode; the main test objects are PM2.5 and PM10. There are two communication modes: serial communication and IIC communication. With the continuous upgrading of products, provide customers with more cost-effective dust sensor products.
Gas Sensor
The gas sensor series includes gas sensor and gas sensor module, formaldehyde, methane, Co, TVOC and other gas sensors developed based on MEMS technology and CO2 sensors based on the principle of non dispersive infrared (NDIR), which have the characteristics of high resolution, high accuracy, high stability and high consistency.The gas sensor module is developed for the convenience of customers. It has been calibrated and calibrated in the factory, and UART serial communication mode. It can be used in vehicle and household air purifier, detector, fresh air system and automatic ventilator.
Air Detector
Air detector includes simple detector, intelligent detector, industrial detector, intelligent environment detection terminal and other series. The product series covers a wide range and is suitable for industry, primary users and high-end users. Among them, intelligent products have the function of online detection, real-time upload of detection data, for the collection and analysis of big data. Detection includes PM2.5, CO2, CH2O and other air indicators.
Air purifier
Air purifier has household air purifier and vehicle air purifier. In order to adapt to the big data development trend of the Internet of things and the Internet of vehicles, the air purifier series products can have networking functions, realize remote intelligent control, and realize networking purification. The successful application of the company's patented technology in purification efficiency makes the company's air purifier products pass the test of the Environmental Research Laboratory of Tsinghua University. The multi-functional air purifier products are constantly innovating and will be available in the future.
Fresh Air System
The electrical part of the fresh air system mainly consists of the fresh air controller with human-computer interaction and the control panel of the fresh air fan. At present, it is divided into the basic type and the intelligent type. All of them can realize the collection of PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, CH2O, temperature and humidity and other sensor information, which can be selected arbitrarily. Among them, intelligent products have the function of online detection, real-time upload of detection data and status information, for the collection and analysis of big data, and realize remote control. From communication mode, interaction mode, display mode and output power, we can achieve exclusive customization. Welcome to consult and customize.
Water Purifier
The exclusive customized water purifier is divided into basic type and intelligent type. The equipment detects the TDS value of raw water and purified water in real time; the equipment adopts RO reverse osmosis technology, with high filtering accuracy; uses 5-level integrated filter element, which is more convenient for replacement; saves water, and truly achieves the proportion of pure wastewater 1:1; it is more beneficial for human absorption, increases the weak alkaline filter element, and increases the minerals and trace elements in water. Among them, intelligent products have the function of online detection, real-time upload of detection data, used for the collection and analysis of big data.